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Health Blogging & Copywriting

Are you struggling to produce engaging content?

Are you worried that shoddy content is impacting your brand?

Have you run out of ideas for your health & wellness blog?

We can help.

KMG Communications creates accurate and ethical health content for various platforms, including social media, websites and advertising campaigns.

We write health content across a spectrum of health topics: Nutrition & Diet, Chronic Disease Management, Fitness & Lifestyle, Health Education, Social Health Trends, and more.

We create blogs that will address your clients' needs, help them understand important health issues, provide them with new health insights and inspire them to engage with your product or service.

Our compelling and engaging content makes you get noticed, read and shared -- improving your traffic, SEO ranking and lead conversions. 

A strong research basis lies at the heart of every one of our health writing projects.

We can develop content from a full brief or take your idea straight off the 'drawing board' to apply a relevant research strategy that will see us evolve a fully-fledged communication product especially tailored for your clients.

Our health copywriting and health blogging services include:

  • Online health content & health blog posts
  • Press releases & feature articles
  • Website content, including SEO and keywords
  • Consumer information leaflets
  • Emails & newsletters

Check out our health blogs at Heart Health for Athletes

We generate commentaries and professional content on a range of medical and health matters relevant to recreational and professional athletes at our sister website, Heart Health for Athletes. Follow us there.

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